• BLE iBeacons

    BLE iBeacons

    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a type of technology that enhances location-based awareness...

  • NFC


    Near Field Communication, or NFC, is derived from RFID and is an exciting new phase of contactless technology. NFC...

  • Gamification


    Gamification is a process where gaming mechanics are added to a non-gaming situation. zappit uses gamification to...

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    Catch-up on the latest zappit news, NFC market insight, interviews, press releases and much more!

  • Innovate


    As well as delivering a world class, feature rich and highly functional platform, we also innovate. Products we have...

  • Analytics


    Network Performance and Analytics If you are an out-of-home advertising network or a provider of other advertising real...