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Store Coupons. Re-imagined.

Boost data, reviews, insight, sales and loyalty via secure, sustainable and contact-free digital store coupons

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  • Distribution Channel

    Facebook Lead Gen Ad

  • Retailer

    Nationwide Sainsbury's stores

  • Distribution Channel

    Facebook Lead Gen Ad

  • Retailer

    Nationwide Sainsbury's stores

  • Distribution Channel

    Facebook Messenger & ChatBot

  • Retailer

    Nationwide Co-op stores

  • Distribution Channel

    Facebook Lead Gen Ad

  • Retailer

    Nationwide Co-op stores


    Fast Track Sales and Insight with Zappit Coupons Fastest Conversion0d 0h 2m 34s

    Build CampaignSetup is easy. We'll create a coupon for your store promotion in minutes

    Select ChannelDistribute coupons across the most popular platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp

    Choose RetailerRun promotions in major grocers, convenience stores and high street retailers

    Track LiveFrom collection to redemption, learn when, where and who interacts with your campaign in real-time


    One coupon per customer

    Coupons which can only be used once and only by a specific customer

    Tamper-proofOur coupons expire upon use, protecting them from going viral

    TaggedThey feature a unique barcode helping you track from collection to redemption

    UniqueEach one is unique per customer unlocking rich attribution data


    Features that move the dial

    Reach new heights with these and many more powerful features

    Countdown Generate a sense of urgency with an integrated countdown clock Reminders Jog customers memory at the right time with automated reminders Limits Don't stress about over distribution or redemptions, set your limits and relax

    Reviews Generate product ratings and reviews from customers who redeemed your coupon Store Locator Help customers quickly find participating stores via integrated maps Barcodes We support a range of barcode formats including QR, EAN-13 and GS1


    Distribute coupons, everywhere! Our secure coupons can be distributed across both online and offline marketing channels

    ChatbotReward customer conversationsDistribute secure coupons at any point during a chatbot conversation

    Social MediaReward social engagementDistribute secure coupons to your social media audience

    WebReward web visitorsDistribute secure coupons to your web site visitors

    AppReward app usersDistribute secure coupons to app users based on their profile and location

    CRMReward customer loyaltyDistribute secure coupons to customers who engage with your business

    In-StoreReward store shoppersDistribute secure coupons at the point of sale or shelf edge

    PackagingReward brand loyaltyDistribute secure coupons on product packaging with qr codes or near-field tags

    PostersReward customers on the goDistribute secure coupons on print marketing and outdoor posters


    Only pay for redemptions

    £POR per redemption (CPR)

    Minimum orders apply

    CPR reduces based on volume

    Unlimited distribution

    Unlimited campaigns

    Unlimited user access

    FREE SDK and API usage

    FREE technical support

    Trial discounts are available